About Us


Arabic Music library is a platform that provides music sheets in different forms such as PDF, Midi, and Source File for musicians, music producers, and even beginner students that is simple to use and maintain; we offer dynamic music sheets that correspond to the instrument with its suitable clef. Arabic Music Library enables clients to find different pitches on a PDF file for the required song that suits the singer’s pitch and facilitates the adjustment of the pitch when purchasing the source file by using Sibelius Music Software.


Our mission is to archive and document Arabic music through e-books and music sheets, in addition to providing educational videos about Arabic music theories and reading music theoriesWe stand out as a library team by insisting on pushing the boundaries for the Arabic Music Library to grow and achieve educational and cultural goals that will benefit our Jordanian community and it will serve people all over the world as well.


Arabic Music Library is about being the main hub for many musicians, music producers and students to have trusted sources of information related to the cultural music field online. It will extend the availability of sharing Arabic music around the world and will carry music knowledge from one generation to other