About Us


Arabic Music Library is a comprehensive platform dedicated to providing music sheets in various formats such as PDF, MIDI, and source files, tailored for musicians, music producers, and beginner students. The platform offers dynamic music sheets that adapt to the specific instrument and its appropriate clef, ensuring ease of use and maintenance. Additionally, Arabic Music Library allows clients to customize the pitch of a song in PDF format to match the singer’s requirements and provides tools to adjust the pitch using Sibelius Music Software when purchasing the source file.


Our mission is to archive and document Arabic music through e-books and music sheets. We aim to offer educational videos that cover Arabic music theories and the fundamentals of reading music. Our dedicated library team is committed to advancing the Arabic Music Library, striving to achieve educational and cultural milestones that will benefit our Jordanian community and music enthusiasts globally.


Arabic Music Library aspires to become the central hub for musicians, music producers, and students seeking reliable sources of information on cultural music. Our vision is to extend the reach of Arabic music worldwide, ensuring the preservation and dissemination of musical knowledge across generations. By doing so, we aim to foster a global appreciation and understanding of Arabic music.